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The most common mistakes I see early stage coaches, consultants and service providers make and how you can avoid them to build a profitable business.

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Take a peek at the tools, systems and tech I recommend for your online business. 

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Mindset, leadership, Feminine and Masculine, embodiment and more. This is the soul stuff you don't want to miss. 

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hello there.

we are lindsey and Robyn

Lina is a life coach, mama, and immigrant. She was born and raised in Colombia before moving to New York City and then Toronto, Canada where she currently lives with her partner and two kids. Fluent in English and Spanish, Lina brings her warmth, joie de vivre, diverse wisdom and laid back energy (that makes everyone instantly feel safe and at home) to our retreats. She makes sure that the music is always on, the food is always delicious and everyone is having the best time!

Robyn is a certified life coach, breathwork, somatic practitioner, and business strategist with a decades worth of experience helping entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and their version of a rich life. She is also a mama, was born in South Africa and has lived, worked and travelled all over the world including places like Japan, Hawaii, Korea, Greece, Italy and Canada where she currently lives with her family. She brings her extensive travel experience and love for business and community building to our retreats.

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Welcome to the Cocoon

A space to cultivate the most fertile version of you

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Navigating the two week wait


Amh + Conception