whether you're just beginning your journey or feeling exhausted from an extended one... we've got you

for the woman yearning for a baby

Our membership combines world class scientific evidence backed protocols with mindfulness, nervous system regulation, and embodiment practices to support a healthy conception and pregnancy. Even if you think IVF is your only option or you're worried about your age and a diagnosis. There is hope for you. 

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This membership is the first of its kind because it integrates Soma and Soul. The body, and the spirit, mindset and nervous system, individual and community. Where yes, we want you to have the baby you yearn for but we want you to have the best possible path there.


Prepare your body for the healthiest pregnancy possible (did you know that what we do BEFORE you conceive is essential for a healthy pregnancy?)

Stop going down Google rabbit holes, old wives tales and guessing about what you're missing on your conception journey (we have the experts)

Heal your menstrual cycle, understand your body and feel confident in your body's ability to conceive and support a pregnancy (even if you doubt it now)

Stop wasting money on dozens of supplements that you're not even sure are working or feeling frustrated by a medical system that isn't listening to you

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Feel supported to optimize the MOST fertile version of YOU in all areas of your life for a truly holistic approach to your fertility journey

Here is an overview of what is included

Understand your body, your unique cycle, the biology of conception and the best practices for getting pregnant (research shows that most of us get a lot of this wrong!)


Support your body so that your entire wellbeing is optimized for not only getting pregnant, but staying pregnant. "The Mama Method" optimizes egg and semen health, uterine health, pregnancy and postpartum so that not only will you get pregnant and have your baby grow healthily, but your body won't be as depleted by your pregnancy. 

the mama method

We are so lucky to have a world class in house Naturopathic Doctor and fertility expert. Dr Klassen has supported hundreds of patients to achieve pregnancy (against many odds) in both spontaneous conception and assisted conception. She hosts monthly Q + A calls for all members to get deep dive insights into their own labs, diagnosis and biology.


One of the most important (and arguably, most difficult) areas to support when it comes to your fertility journey is the psycho-social. It can be REALLY difficult to "relax" and not feel anxious or shame spiral. And yet the research shows a direct correlation between this and successful outcomes. Our somatic support integrates embodiment and breathwork practices to regulate your nervous system, ease your busy mind, and find rest on your path. Our group sessions also anchor into the power of community. 


While fertility treatments can easily add up to THOUSANDS (and thousands) of dollars, we understand that it takes a holistic approach to optimize your fertility and that includes a VILLAGE of support beyond just one physician. We are bringing you world class experts in one financially accessible hub so that you don't have to waste time or money building the team you might need to bring your baby earth side.


pre conception

healthy pregnancy !

We don't know you yet ... 

but we do...

Because in many ways, we have been versions of you.

We know that you're intelligent and resilient. That you're successful and ambitious. That at times you feel overworked, overtired and overwhelmed by all the things on your plate. 

We know that you really want a baby and at times you worry if it will ever happen for you. You want to do all the things perfectly and it just feels like it's never enough.

You're worried about a ticking clock and you try to avoid the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy announcements and baby shower invitations (we get it, they can be triggering if you've been trying to conceive for a while...)

You have a complicated relationship with your body and if you're really honest, there's shame and anxiety around feeling broken in some way (ps you're not broken, the world we live in is). You are doing ALL THE THINGS which is exhausting in itself. 

We believe that it's time to shape shift your identity and relationship to self on this journey. This is why our cocoon focuses on YOU becoming your most vital self... not just so that your body is optimized for conception and a healthy pregnancy, but so that YOU are your healthiest, happiest self on this journey. We believe that things shift when we allow life to move through us, versus having a very rigid and controlling approach to conception. 

The Membership Includes

The Mama Method, a comprehensive program to nurture egg health, uterine lining and balance your menstrual cycle

Weekly coaching calls with a holistic nutritionist to personalize your approach to The Mama Method

Weekly Fertility Flow somatic experiences for mindset and nervous system regulation such as breathwork, meditations and embodiment sessions

Monthly Q+A with our in house Naturpathic Doctor to answer any complex questions you have about your unique situation

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Monthly guest expert workshop on various topics ranging from fertility physicians to relationship experts

A detailed four phase process to reset your digestion, heal your hormones, repair your cycle, remove toxins, and create the optimum environment for healthy eggs and a healthy uterine lining. This is the first step to having a healthy pregnancy, because once you're pregnant there's little we can do enhance the vitality of your growing baby. It all starts in the months before conception.

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Stress resilience is ESSENTIAL for optimizing your fertility, which can be one of the most frustrating things to combat especially if you are on a challenging journey. Our Fertility Flow Sessions run weekly to nervous system, embodiment and mindset. Examples include breathwork, feminine embodiment experiences, visualizations and meditations.

Fertility Flow
Somatic Sessions

These coaching calls are your opportunity to check in with Lindsey, a holistic nutritionist and creator of The Mama Method. This is also your space to share whatever is coming up for you so that you feel deeply held in community, and less alone in your pursuit of a baby.

Weekly Coaching Calls

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We know that sometimes a diagnosis or personal health journey need extra attention beyond lifestyle and nutrition optimization. That's why we have our very own in house fertility expert, N.D. to offer customized advice. She is also able to order labs for patients within province and can refer you to local experts for specific tests.

Monthly Q + A with Dr Liza Klassen, N.D.

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We invite a world class expert to offer a workshop every month. From Traditional Chinese Medicine experts to relationship and intimacy therapists, grief support, and IVF professionals... we have you covered! You also get immediate access to the library of previous workshop replays so that you can binge the content right away.

Guest Expert Workshops

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You can enrol anytime you want by clicking here. Currently, our membership is $77 / month *USD for instant access to everything

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Optimizing for egg and sperm health takes about three months to see results. We want you to experience what's possible after this commitment (and if you fall pregnant, we offer first trimester support when a pregnancy is the most delicate)

5 month min commitment

After your minimum of five months with us you are welcome to cancel anytime you want with 30 days notice!

After that, cancel anytime

How it works

"We are pregnant! Thank you so so much!"

- Jasmine

Optimizing fertility foundations for egg and semen quality, uterine health and more

expert based mindfulness and meditations

exploration and diagnostics for personalization care

stress resilience, nervous system regulation, hormone balancing

scientific based cycle support with precise ovulation timing (only 13% of us get it right otherwise)

studies show supporting mind and body improves chances of conception



Dr. Liza Klassen is a fertility expert Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver, British Columbia who has helped hundreds of couples achieve a healthy pregnancy. She has personally walked the road of anovulation and endometriosis and brings both her lived experience and professional expertise to our members. She is the QUEEN of fertility expertise and is not intimidated by even the most challenging cases.

After being told she could never have kids, Lindsey, our community coach and holistic nutritionist was able to heal her body despite a big diagnosis to achieve pregnancies in her late 30s. As a mother of two, she is passionate about perinatal health and supporting families everywhere welcome the baby of their dreams. 

Robyn is our somatic coach and provider of all the Fertility Flow sessions. She designed these to support herself on her own fertility journey (which continues, she is in the trenches with you!) of unexplained secondary infertility, IVF and recurrent miscarriage, including the unexplained loss of her baby girl in her second trimester. She is certified in Feminine Embodiment Coaching and HeartBreathTM, a unique variant of breathwork. She has been coaching for over a decade and is passionate about women feeling deeply supported and free of shame on their path to parenthood.

and we can help because we've been there... and we have helped others achieve the baby of their dreams

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Examples of Members

Eve has had a difficult conception journey due to Endometriosis that has lasted years, including rounds of IUI and IVF. 

Roxy has been diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility and has struggled with recurrent miscarriage

Hilary has done multiple rounds of IVF so that she can receive support from a gestational carrier to bring her baby earth side

Worries that she is too old and she has left it too late. She is optimizing her egg health, balancing her hormones, and prepping her body to carry her own child over the age of 40

Abby has never been pregnant and has no health diagnosis but wants to support her body so that she can be a first time mama







Milestone Mindfulness Workshops

Stress resilience is an essential element to optimize your fertility. While we have weekly LIVE somatic sessions to support your embodiment and presence in the body, cultivating deep relaxation, we also offer more. You get an extensive library with on demand videos for mini meditations (5-10 mins) and somatic sessions to support you for milestone moments (ultrasound appointments, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, the two week wait etc). We also have sensitive options for pregnancy loss, pregnancy after loss, and healing past trauma. 



Weekly Recipes and a Specific, Simple Meal Plan

Itemized meal plans for every phase of your cycle (yes, nutrition looks different depending on where you are in your cycle!) and nutritionist designed recipes to help you eat nutritiously without the stress or expensive grocery bill. We have a library of options but also offer weekly itemized meal plans so that you can mix it up every week if you want to!


The Science and Energetics of Conception Workshop by a Fertility Doctor who has Helped Hundreds of Couples Achieve Pregnancy

This is the workshop you don't want to miss! It covers EVERYTHING from how to identify your most fertile window, how to plan sex (no, it's not always best to have sex everyday!) and how to use biology and your mindset to conceive a healthy baby.

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valued at $77
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This      for you if:

you are desiring to conceive a baby

You aren't interested in fertility

you are wanting to conceive in the future

you're judgemental of others unique paths to parenthood

you are open to holistic support on your journey and desire TO RECONNECT TO YOUR BODY

It's probably        for you if...

you're not interested in being part of a community



When in my journey should I join this memberhip?

You're welcome to join us at any point of your journey but we find that most of our members join when 1) they are aware of their desire to have a baby 2) they have concerns about their fertility journey or it's going down an unexpected path 3) they're craving a community and expert support to optimize their reproductive system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price and how long is the commitment for?

Our current membership fee is $77 but when you first join us you get 7 days free to decide if it's right for you. Your initial commitment is a minimum of five months and then you are welcome to cancel anytime you want. We also have resources related to early pregnancy in case you conceive during your initial period and are seeking support for a healthy first trimester.

What is included in my membership fee?

You get access to The Holistic Mama Foundational Fertility Method (this is a deep dive into nutrition, lifestyle, hormone support, etc). You get weekly community calls, weekly somatic sessions (breathwork, embodiment). You get access to any trainings or workshops that our guest experts have created for our community and you get access to a live monthly guest expert workshop too. There's a community hub to connect with likeminded women navigating the same journey you're on, so you never have to feel alone!

I have been diagnosed with low AMH, high FSH, low ovarian reserve, PCOS, endometriosis, anovulation or something else... will this work for me?

YES! Our protocol can help you even if you have any of these diagnosis. You can also bring your unique diagnosis to Q + A calls with Dr. Liza Klassen who has supported hundreds of complex fertility cases. She can even help with labs, understanding labs you get done elsewhere, and specific interventions that can support your personal situation. 

How long do I have access to the resources included in the membership and can I cancel anytime?

As long as you are a member, you get access to all the resources included. We are committed to being at the forefront of all cutting edge scientific data and commit to updating all resources when necessary. You get instant updates if science teaches us something new!

Your initial commitment is for a minimum of five months (that's because it takes approximately 90 days to optimize egg quality and semen markers. After your initial commitment your membership is month to month and you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.