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Our monthly membership brings accessible, world class fertility support to women yearning for their baby

Here is an overview of what is included if you are trying to conceive

How to understand your body, your cycle, the biology of conception and the best practices for getting pregnant


Support your body so that your entire wellbeing is optimized for not only getting pregnant, but staying pregnant. "The Mama Method" optimizes egg and semen health, uterine health, pregnancy and postpartum so that not only will you get pregnant and have your baby grow healthily, but your body won't be as depleted by your pregnancy. 

mama method

We are so lucky to have a world class in house Naturopathic Doctor and fertility expert. Dr Klassen has supported hundreds of patients to achieve pregnancy (against many odds) in both spontaneous conception and assisted conception. She hosts monthly Q + A calls for all members to get deep dive insights into their own labs, diagnosis and biology.


One of the most important (and arguably, most difficult) areas to support when it comes to your fertility journey is the psycho-social. It can be REALLY difficult to "relax" and not feel anxious or shame spiral. And yet the research shows a direct correlation between this and successful outcomes. Our somatic support integrates embodiment and breathwork practices to regulate your nervous system, ease your busy mind, and find rest on your path. Our group sessions also anchor into the power of community. 


While fertility treatments can easily add up to THOUSANDS (and thousands) of dollars, we understand that it takes a holistic approach to optimize your fertility and that includes a VILLAGE of support beyond just one physician. We are bringing you world class experts in one financially accessible hub so that you don't have to waste time or money building the team you might need to bring your baby earth side.


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After being told she would never be able to have kids, and subsequently falling pregnant only to experience a heartbreaking miscarriage, Lindsey (R.H.N) utilized the power of nutrition and lifestyle to optimize her fertility (and now celebrates being a mama to two beautiful children). As a holistic nutritionist it's her mission to get this information into the hands of modern women who are looking to support their body from the inside out at any stage of their journey.

and we can help because we've been there

A broken heart over a three year fertility journey brought Robyn into this work.

An effortless conception and pregnancy in her twenties had Robyn assuming it would be easy to expand her family when the time was right. At the age of (almost) 31, the heartbreaking journey began. After struggling with pregnancy loss, required surgeries, multiple rounds of Clomid and eventually IVF, her unexplained secondary infertility journey brought her to her breaking point. It was in this heavy season that she discovered the gift of somatic tools like Feminine Embodiment and Breathwork (specifically HeartBreath that utilizes classic Breathwork with heart energetics). Her personal sessions with herself became the balm for her anxious mind and frazzled nervous system. They were also the gateway to reconnecting with the Divine and innate worthiness of her identity. After a second loss, this time a late miscarriage of her daughter in the second trimester (due to unexplained reasons), she knew she needed to bring these tools to other women walking the lonely path of feeling broken, worthless, afraid, anxious and desperate for hope. She has learned that rock bottom might be a place we visit but it's not a place we live, and she hopes to encourage and support other women navigating the complexities of a fertility journey.

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Dr Liza Klassen bridges the medical and emotional aspects of fertility, recognizing that the journey to conception is not solely clinical but also deeply personal. She is incredible passionate about helping her patients and our members achieve and maintain healthy pregnancies whether natural or assisted and works collaboratively with reproductive endocrinologist and ART teams to deliver high-quality & efficacious care. She has specialized training in endometriosis, menstrual cycle irregularities, PMS/PMDD, PCOS, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, celiac and other autoimmune conditions that impact fertility so she can provide the highest quality care for the women she serves. She has proudly supported hundreds of couples to achieve healthy pregnancies! 

our in house naturopathic doctor who has specialized in fertility and helped hundreds of patients heal their cycle and achieve healthy pregnancies 




are all wanting to optimize their body for conception


they have diverse backgrounds and diagnosis, including members of the lgbtq2s+ community, PCOS, endo, primary and secondary infertility, natural conception and iui / ivf, surrogacy and egg / sperm donations


Have deep respect and support for each others journeys


create a positive, welcoming environment for everyone to completely be themselves in their own unique experience

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Healthy mamas and babies, science and soul, Eastern and Western medicine, somatic support and community, white space, joy, hope and vitality, belonging and balance


Guilt, shame, judgement, grief bypassing and hopelessness. This is NOT a trauma bonding hub but a place for optimism 

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Examples of members

Eve has had a difficult conception journey due to Endometriosis that has lasted years, including rounds of IUI and IVF. 

Roxy has been diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility and has struggled with recurrent miscarriage

Hilary has done multiple rounds of IVF so that she can receive support from a gestational carrier to bring her baby earth side

Worries that she is too old and she has left it too late. She is optimizing her egg health, balancing her hormones, and prepping her body to carry her own child over the age of 40

Abby has never been pregnant and has no health diagnosis but wants to support her body so that she can be a first time mama






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